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How Brow Shaping Can Transform Your Eyebrows

How Brow Shaping Can Transform Your Eyebrows

Your face is one of the first things that people see and assess when meeting you. Whether you’re making new acquaintances or showing up to a business meeting, your face is one of the main ways people remember you and begin forming an opinion of who you are. With that in mind, it is important to remember that your brows and how they are shaped can truly bring out the best in your facial features – allowing you to put your best self forward.

If you’re interested in how brow shaping can transform your eyebrows, keep on reading! 

What is brow shaping?

Brow shaping is the artistic process of maximizing the shape of your eyebrow to effortlessly enhance your facial features. It’s more than just a brow wax and we’re happy to go over how and why! 

More than just a brow wax

It can be confusing – we get it! Unless you’re an esthetician, or have experience in speaking with a professional about the differences between the two services, they can absolutely seem the same.

The difference, you ask? Well, a brow wax is just that: waxing the stray hairs to clean up the existing shape of your brows. Brow shaping is more of a process that requires you to speak with a professional about your vision for your brows and what shape and angle will suit your face best.

True pampering for your eyebrows

In addition, during your brow shaping appointment, your esthetician will actually be assisting you in pampering your brows. Think of it as a brow spa day! Your eyebrows will be treated with quite a bit of care and consideration before being shaped, trimmed, and then thoroughly moisturized.

The process of brow shaping

If you’re thinking about moving forward with a brow shaping appointment, we have everything you need to know about what to expect. You can use this quick reference guide to come in comfortable and prepared. Remember: we’re here for you, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to ask!

Consultation to talk about your ideal brow shape

First and foremost, your esthetician will go over a brow “game plan”. It is important for you and your esthetician to be on the same page, and have the same vision for your eyebrows. Once your waxer has an idea of what you want, they will begin a process called brow mapping. Brow mapping occurs when your brow magician maps out the shape and positioning of your brows to ensure that the finished product is balanced and symmetrical. Once mapping is complete, you can make sure you’re happy with the look of your new brow shape before starting the hair removal process.

brow shapingTrim, wax, and tweeze

Once you’re happy with the shape and placement of your brows, the esthetician will begin waxing, trimming, and tweezing any hairs that do not belong. This process can vary slightly from one professional to another; however, the majority of hair is removed via brow waxing. Any remaining hairs are tweezed before the remaining portion of the brow is trimmed to bring texture and dimension to your eyebrow shape.

Brow fill

Here at Stipped Wax & Beauty, we value the time and effort we put into making sure our clients look their best, that is why at the end of every shaping session we also offer a complimentary brow fill. A brow brush will be used to tidy your brow before we fill in the brow with a shade similar to your natural hairs. Filling your brows allows your eyebrows to reach their potential and look full and healthy.

Before you leave, your brow specialist will go over what to expect when it comes to new hair growth, how to best maintain your brows, and when to book your next appointment.

Our Stripped Signature Shape Up: Your brow’s best friend

If you’re looking for your brows next pamper sesh, look no further! Stripped Wax & Beauty offers three different levels of brow care. If you’re just looking for a shaping, our Stripped Signature Shape Up is for you! If you want to shape AND tint your brows for a little extra umph, you can book our Shape Up + Tint package. Lastly, if you’re looking for the ultimate brow experience, you can book our Brow Boost package that gives you the best brow lamination experience for your buck. 

Visit us online to book your next appointment. We specialize in professional hair removal for every part of your body. Your skin and skin care is our passion: we can't wait to meet with you!