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What to Know About Waxing While Pregnant

What to Know About Waxing While Pregnant

It’s true that being pregnant is a gift, and many people express that they’ve never felt more radiant and or excited about life than they are when they’re pregnant. With so many things to take into consideration, it can be an unexpected challenge to know what’s “safe” to do while you’re pregnant. The good news is you can still enjoy the sensation of smooth, silky skin no matter how pregnant you are.

What’s different about being waxed while pregnant?

Here’s the thing, being pregnant doesn’t impede your ability to continue your regular routines. While your body changes throughout your pregnancy, and certain things become more difficult to accomplish, self-care is still on the table!

Body hair may change as your hormones and prenatal vitamins trigger faster and thicker growth

One of the first things you might have done when you found out you were pregnant was head to the store to get some prenatal vitamins. Oestrogen, a hormone that aids estrogen and progesterone during hair growth, kicks in around 15 weeks into your pregnancy. 

In many cases, it can accelerate the density and growth rate of your body hair. So if you’re a person who loves to stay fully waxed, sticking with that during pregnancy is absolutely doable. Pregnancy is hard enough without sacrificing the simple pleasures and self-care routine that keeps you sane while your day-to-day life shifts.

Choose a salon with experience and excellent hygiene practices

The best thing you can do for your body is to connect with a studio that has excellent hygiene products and practices. A studio with vetted professionals and years of experience is guaranteed to know how to give you the care and attention you deserve when you decide to get waxed, get a facial, or go in for a skincare consultation.

Talk to your esthetician about skin sensitivity during pregnancy 

If you’re newly pregnant, you can chat with your esthetician about skin sensitivity, especially if you’ve noticed heightened sensitivity. While your esthetician will likely use hard wax for most areas, keeping your wax specialist informed will help them make an educated decision about which wax to use, and how your appointment should go, taking your pregnancy into consideration.

Common myths about getting waxed while pregnant

Outside of your skin being a little more sensitive during pregnancy, waxing while pregnant is a no-risk scenario. That is, your risk factors are the exact same while pregnant as they would be if you’re not pregnant. Issues like temperature that’s too hot or ingrown hairs.waxing while pregnant

“Waxing is absorbed into the skin” 

Wax is not, and cannot be absorbed into the skin. This misconception could not be more false, among the many old wives' tales that come along with pregnancy. Not only do most modern waxes use natural ingredients, but we also seek out the purest ingredients to ensure our clients (across-the-board) are being cared for with precision and intention. We know how challenging it can be to trust a stranger with your skin, and that’s a responsibility we take great pride in– especially for those of our clients who are pregnant and extra concerned.

“Waxing is only safe in the second and third trimester”

There’s a seemingly endless laundry list of action items that pregnant people are expected to give up during their pregnancy journey. Some of them are obvious and necessary, but some of them are nonsensical– waxing is one of them. 

Since wax is not absorbed or ingested into the body, there’s no risk of harm to the mom or baby. From the aromas to the temperature of the wax, waxing gets a little more challenging as you venture into your third trimester, but for reasons like a protruding belly and skin sensitivity, not because waxing is unsafe.

“People don't want to get waxed during pregnancy”

Everyone has a few tricks up their sleeves that help them transform into their best self (whatever it may be). For some people, it’s finishing a big project, scheduling that doctor's appointment, or waxing. No matter how pregnant a person may be, getting waxed is part of the many maintenance luxuries that everyone is entitled to in all of their states of being. And people definitely want to get waxed while they’re pregnant.

Stripped Wax and Beauty is here to help meet everyone’s wax needs!

Stripped Wax & Beauty is so glad to serve all people from all walks of life who are navigating the challenges and gifts of pregnancy, and still hoping to create a little normalcy and consistency in their routine. If you’re curious about setting up an appointment at month 5 or month 8.5, connect with us, and let us help you feel like your best self!