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Using Fur Ingrown Eliminator Serum for Flawless Skin

Using Fur Ingrown Eliminator Serum for Flawless Skin

We’re surrendering to the ingrown geniuses because let's face it, we work too hard to live a life determined by extreme discomfort after waxing or shaving. We also found out that the annoyance of ingrown hairs and razor burns doesn’t have to play on a loop! In fact, there’s a whole world of flawless, silky skin available for everyone, and it starts with a brilliant ingrown hair serum.

What’s the tea on Fur’s Ingrown Eliminator Serum?

You’ve probably seen Fur’s Ingrown Eliminator Serum all across popular beauty outlets and advertisements. And if we’re being honest, it’s been identified as a “holy grail” product by thousands of people (us included). There’s a reason why it’s touted as the number one ingrown hair treatment, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Fur’s Ingrown Eliminator Serum was designed to make hair removal and care easy and attainable 

There’s a fair amount of resentment we’ve been carrying around for those friends of ours that seem to have unattainable skin. The good news is that healthy, happy skin is within reach, and with a little effort, you can find yourself in the driver's seat – Fur’s Ingrown Eliminator Serum works on clearing excess oil buildup to prevent razor bumps, burn, and ingrown hairs. The Eliminator Serum gently hydrates the skin, and soothes irritation.

Where can you use this serum on your body? 

We’d love it if there was a “fix it all” serum, and Fur’s Ingrown Eliminator Serum gets pretty close! With a dynamic range of ingredients that actively work to address an array of issues, this ingrown hair serum does what others can’t. You can use the Eliminator Serum externally on any areas that you freshly waxed or post shave. If your skin is prone to ingrown hairs, you can apply it daily on target areas. 

What kind of results can you expect?

It’s one thing to commit yourself to a new regimen, and another to truly see tangible results that make you want to shut it all down and start over from scratch. Fur’s products are known for their success rate and part of that comes from their  commitment to ingredients that actually work.

You can expect your skin to look brighter, and more toned, and you’ll notice a significant reduction in the number of ingrowns and inflammation. You can expect your skin to look brighter, feel more supple, and have a significant reduction in the appearance of textured, dry skin.

Ingrowns are eliminated  through the Eliminator Serum’s key ingredients

When you find a brand you love, you go through a period where you have to procure all of the essentials and set them up for your new routine. And even if you’re not looking for another product, sometimes, we can’t help but snag the whole collection. Fur oil is an excellent product to combine with the Eliminator Serum due to its perfect combination of key ingredients.

Willow Bark Extract and lavender oil

Willow Bark has been utilized for centuries in a wide range of cultures because of its efficacy. Willow Bark is known as a natural form of salicylic acid. Its astringency penetrates deeply into your pores, clearing out their oil-filled depths and helping to smooth out even texture. Willow Bark is also similar to aspirin and acts as a fever-reducing pain reliever.

Lactic acid

If you’ve just started your skincare game, chances are you’ve read a lot about “actives”. Active ingredients like lactic acid work hard to push cellular renewal and rejuvenation. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that is powerful enough to break the bonds between skin cells. It changes the skin through its dynamic moisturizing ability and can help with hyperpigmentation and uneven textures.

Witch hazel and aloe

You may have broken off some aloe leaves throughout your childhood to put on scrapes and burns. That’s because both witch hazel and aloe are antioxidants that work powerfully together. They promote anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and wound-healing properties. Its anti-carcinogenic properties have soothing effects on the skin and work beautifully to complement the lactic acid and willow bark extract.

Stripped Wax & Beauty is equipped to help you fight those ingrowns with the power of Fur!

Say goodbye to irritated, ingrown-ridden skin, and welcome the single, all-encompassing approach to a luxurious experience for your skin. You deserve peace, comfort, and the silkiest skin you’ve always dreamed of. Stripped Wax & Beauty is here to help you get there, so schedule a wax via our website to get started.