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What to Expect From Facial Waxing With an Esthetician

What to Expect From Facial Waxing With an Esthetician

If you’ve found yourself tired of constantly tweezing your eyebrows and shaving away that extra peach fuzz you wish would just disappear from your face, it may be time to invest in waxing. Facial waxing is the stress-free solution to your unwanted facial hair, and if you’ve never had your face waxed, have no fear! Stripped Wax & Beauty is here to guide you through the process to ensure you feel confident walking into your appointment. 

How does facial waxing work?

Thankfully, facial waxing works in the same way that all other waxing appointments do. If you haven't gotten a professional wax, we’re here to guide you through the must-knows of waxing so that you can come prepared. 

Determine what areas of your face you need waxed

Since the phrase “facial wax” is a broad term that encompasses a few services, it’s important to know what part of your face you want waxed. Facial waxing services can include obvious waxing treatments such as eyebrows and upper lip, but most people may not recognize that your chin, cheeks, and sideburns are areas that are offered as well. 

Pause on actives and other ingredients to give your skin time to rest

Before your wax, it is important to understand that some activities, products, and routines that you may have needs to be put on pause. Activities such as sun bathing, applying retinol to the skin, and using harsh exfoliants should not be done before your wax. If you’re not used to waxing etiquette, this may come as a shock! That’s why we’re here to walk you through why avoiding these things is so important.

facial waxing

First and foremost, the use of retinoids and retinol creme within 5 days of your waxing session could have serious side effects. It is crucial that you forgo using any of these creams or treatments before your facial wax to avoid irritation and potential lifting or burning of the skin. Another cause for concern is prolonged sun exposure. While that may be one of your daily rituals, any sun damage to the skin could prohibit you from getting waxed. Always apply an SPF to protect your skin when you spend time outside.

Schedule a consultation for facial waxing with an experienced studio 

If you’re ever feeling nervous, or if you find yourself unsure if the products you’re using are appropriate for waxing, come in for a consultation! Speaking with a professional not only provides peace of mind, but also allows you to map out your expectations and get tangible feedback on the process.

Getting ready for your facial waxing appointment

Once your appointment is booked, it’s time to get your skin ready! Let’s jump into the steps you need to take both before and after your waxing appointment

Knowing what to do 24-48 hours prior to your session

The two days leading up to your waxing appointment make a big difference. Staying hydrated, gently exfoliating and using a mild moisturizer will set you up for the perfect, storybook ending to your waxing session. Just remember: avoid excessive sun/UV exposure, refrain from exfoliating the day of your appointment, and try to forgo any makeup. If you want extra points with your wax technician, use a mild face cleanser before your appointment and avoid adding any lotions or serums to ensure that the wax can adhere to your hairs properly.

Proper aftercare to ensure happy skin and rejuvenation

Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to pamper your skin until your next session. Keep in mind that your face is going to be a little grumpy following your waxing session, so be patient as your skin takes its time to relax.

Similarly to the preparation portion of waxing, making sure your skin stays appropriately hydrated is key. Continue drinking water and apply your esthetician recommended post-wax lotion to soothe any irritation. Maintaining a regular skincare routine that includes hydrating facial lotions is also recommended. Additionally, it’s important to avoid excessive sun exposure and exfoliating for at least three days following your wax. Your wax technician should be able to guide you through a more inclusive aftercare routine based on your skincare needs.

Check in with your esthetician if you have specific questions about your appointment

Again, if you ever feel uncertain or have any questions, ask us! It is our job as professionals to ensure that you and your skin are taken care of. Give us a call before booking your appointment, or after if you’re experiencing prolonged irritation.

Dive into your waxing journey with Stripped Wax & Beauty

Looking to spice up your look up? Want to feel a little more confident in your own skin? Join us here at Stripped Wax & Beauty for your waxing and eyelash needs. We are dedicated to providing quality services, while cultivating a relaxed and welcoming environment for everyone.