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Which Hair Removal Method is Right for You?

Which Hair Removal Method is Right for You?

Luckily for us, getting rid of body hair has never been easier or more accessible than it is today. With all of these options at your disposal, it begs the question: which hair removal method is right for me? Let’s go over things you want to consider before deciding, and a bunch of methods that may be available to you!

Factors to consider when deciding on a hair removal method

When it comes to choosing your preferred method of hair removal, there are going to be a few key factors to consider when making your decision, such as cost, how long the results last, and more. 

Length of results

One thing is certain: our time is valuable. When comparing hair removal methods, one thing we are sure to look at is the amount of time invested versus the longevity of results. If one method (such as waxing) provides several weeks of hair free skin, some may opt to go that route simply for the convenience. 

Overall cost

Financial implications of a choice will often serve as a contributing factor when making a decision. Even if some of these methods provide long-lasting results, the cost for these services may render these options as unattainable, or unrealistic to some. 

Any removal contraindications your skin may have

Lastly, there may be some conditions that prohibit you from participating in certain hair removal methods. For example – if an individual is taking accutane for their skin condition, they would have to stop use for a certain amount of time before utilizing waxing as a form of hair removal. 

It is important to be aware of the condition of your skin and any precautions you should take depending on your bodily health and medical conditions. If you have any questions, you can always ask one of our licensed estheticians – your health and safety is our top priority!

Different methods of hair removal

Now that we’ve gone over some things to consider before choosing your preferred method, let’s take a moment to go over the hair removal methods. There are a ton, but of course our favorite at Stripped Wax & Beauty is going to be waxing!

WaxingPhoenix Underarm Waxing

Waxing has been used for generations and provides a seamless hair removal process if done correctly through a professional. At Stripped, the process of waxing always uses hard wax for the comfort of our clients. We find that it’s gentler for all skin types, leading to reduced irritation and redness. Session lengths vary depending on the type of appointment you book, but most last no longer than half an hour before your skin is smooth and hair-free! 

In terms of longevity, waxing lasts for about three to four weeks on average. This time frame varies slightly from person to person based on their hair growth cycles. You’ll know when it’s time for a new session once your hair has reached at least a quarter inch in length.


Regardless of  peoples skin tones, age, gender, or skin texture, shaving has been a reliable staple. While shaving can be cost effective, the longevity of this hair removal method falls short with most regrowth being visible after only a couple days. 

In addition, even though razors are easily accessible and can be used almost anywhere, there are a few things to keep in mind. Shaving could be irritating for those with sensitive skin and could cause razor burn during the shaving process.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal works by sending concentrated beams of light through the skin to damage the hair follicles directly. If the sac where your hair grows is completely destroyed, it will prevent future hair growth. If the follicle is only damaged, it can take months before the body makes a repair and starts producing new hair growth again. 

When considering hair removal, it is important to understand that multiple sessions will be needed in order to get full results – this may be costly for some. Since laser hair removal is not entirely permanent, the process will need to be repeated when regrowth begins again. 

Hair removal creams

Using a hair removal cream is another favorite for those looking to remove body hair from the comforts of their own home. The main benefit to using hair removal creams is that the process is generally pain free and easier on large areas of skin. 

When it comes to longevity, the results last just about as long as shaving. Generally the cream will provide 2 to 3 days of hair-free smooth skin before new growth begins to surface. While this method may be easier than shaving for some, using a hair removal cream may not be as cost effective if used routinely. 

Plucking or tweezing

Plucking or tweezing is the process in which hair is removed at its root from the skin on an individual basis. While this method only comes with a one-time cost, the time it takes to remove unwanted hair can be seen as a pitfall.

In addition, while the results of plucking or tweezing last just as long as waxing, this method of hair removal can be seen as more painful or irritating due to the repetitive nature of plucking. 


Last is the use of electrolysis to remove hair permanently. This method utilizes an electric current to destroy any active hair follicles. Like laser hair removal, this process will need multiple sessions to ensure that all hair growth cycles have been properly eradicated. 

Electrolysis can be seen as costly compared to other hair removal methods; however, the longevity of the results may prove to be a profitable investment.

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