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Comparing Types of Wax: Hard Wax vs Soft Wax

Comparing Types of Wax: Hard Wax vs Soft Wax

You’re looking to get a wax, but you aren't sure which wax is best used for you? We’ve got you covered! Let’s take a second to get down and dirty with the basics of both hard and soft wax so you can feel secure and informed in your decision. 

Here at Stripped Wax & Beauty, we use a sensitive skin friendly hard wax for all waxing appointments. Overall, we believe it to be the gentlest and best type of wax for all skin types as well as provide the most comfortable and efficient waxing service

An overview of hard wax

Hard wax is a type of wax that is melted down at a low melting point and applied in strips directly to the skin. Hard wax gets its name due to the hardening effect it has after setting. Once the wax is applied to the skin and cools, it forms in a firm (or “hard'') consistency and can quickly be removed in one swift motion. This type of wax is strongly suggested for small sensitive areas – for example, underarms and a brazilian wax.

The benefits of hard wax

Arguably, the largest benefit of using a hard wax is that it can be less painful on skin and does not leave much of a sticky residue on the skin after use. In addition, due to the composition of the wax, hard wax does not stick directly to the skin and can grip onto coarse hair with ease, making the removal of hair at the follicle an easy task. The hard wax used at Stripped Wax & Beauty uses a lower melting point, alleviating any discomfort that can sometimes be associated from high heat waxes and potential burning of the skin. The hard wax is adhering only to the hair, not the skin, which means no excess tugging of the delicate dermis, otherwise known as the top layer of skin.  

The basics of soft wax

So, similar to hard wax, soft wax is applied directly to the skin in a strip-like form; however, there are two main differences: Firstly, soft wax is creamier and requires assistance of waxing strips to remove your hair. This is because the wax will generally not harden completely and will remain malleable, even after cooling on the skin.

The benefits of soft waxhard wax vs soft wax

The main benefits of using a soft wax over a hard wax is that the soft wax can be used on large sections of the body parts without risk of the wax strip breaking, plus the cost of soft wax is far lower than that of hard wax. 

Downsides to soft wax

While soft wax may seem appealing, the drawbacks are important to fully know and understand. Due to the highly tacky consistency of soft wax, it tends to lead to a slightly harsher and more uncomfortable wax. Adhering itself to the top layer of skin as well as the hair, soft wax will often tug and sometimes remove (ouch) the top layer of skin if not adequately prepped. Soft wax cannot be applied to the same area twice due to the fact that it does attach itself to the skin. It can also cause a bit more irritation in sensitive skin because of its adhesiveness. Unfortunately, even though soft wax can adhere to the skin more, it still has trouble uprooting thicker hair. 

Common questions about the two types of wax

While the differences between the two are straightforward, let’s take a moment to go through the common questions that you may have about the two types of wax before your next waxing session.

Which type of wax is best suited for sensitive skin?

If sensitive skin is one of your concerns, it is safe to say that hard wax may be the best option due to the fact that it does not bind with the skin and, therefore, creates less tension and stress when waxing. Your esthetician will be able to guide you about what’s best for your specific skin type and concerns during your consultation

How does hard wax and soft wax compare to sugaring?

While sugaring may be advertised as similar to waxing, it is actually an entirely different process altogether. Sugaring involves three main ingredients (sugar, lemon and water) that are combined and applied similarly to waxing, but removed differently. This process is offered by some estheticians, and may provide better results for people with sensitivities to certain ingredients that may inhibit the hard or soft wax formulas. 

High-quality waxing services at Stripped Wax & Beauty

Regardless of where you’re at and what waxing service you want, Stripped Wax & Beauty is happy to walk you through your waxing journey and guide you on managing your unwanted hair growth and getting rid of any stubborn ingrown hairs. If you have any questions, or want to book an appointment, please give us a call for all your waxing needs!