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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs After Waxing, for Good!

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs After Waxing, for Good!

So, you just got that fresh new Brazilian wax, and everything is perfect! Well, almost everything. Even though you’re feeling fresh and confident there’s still one unexpected issue: an ingrown hair! We know that these things happen, so let’s take a look into what can be done to get rid of and prevent these pesky ingrown hairs once and for all.

Why do ingrown hairs appear after a wax, anyway?

You’re probably thinking “well, the wax was supposed to remove all my hair straight from the root of the follicle, so why is it re-growing under my skin?!”  Honestly, it happens. Here are some primary reasons your hair may (quite literally) turn on you and create an ingrown hair situation. 

How ingrown hairs form

On your journey to smooth skin, it is important to know how ingrown hairs form to understand how to banish them for good. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair starts its new growth cycle after being waxed.When dead skin builds up over the follicle not allowing the new hair growth to freely grow up and out of the top layer of skin, or when the hair follicle is not fully removed at the root and the hair begins to regrow, but in the wrong direction trapping itself in the skin.

This can happen to anyone regardless of how well the esthetician did, or how well you have shaved in the past. Individuals with curlier hair are more susceptible to dealing with ingrowns.

Factors that influence appearance of ingrown hairs

Honestly, there are many factors that can influence the quantity or frequency of ingrown hairs. Now that we know how they form, it’s important to know what causes the hairs to grow in the wrong direction so we can work on mitigating future hassles.

how to get rid of ingrown hairs

One reason the hair could be ingrown after a waxing session could be due to the fact that the hair was not fully removed at the root due to the follicle snapping under the skin. It’s uncommon when going to a professional, but it does happen. The broken follicle, especially with areas that encounter thicker hair growth, could experience ingrown hairs as a result.

Alternatively, if the area has not been exfoliated to remove dead skin prior to the wax, and the skin and hair are not actively hydrated enough, ingrown hairs may occur naturally – to no fault of your esthetician. If dead and dry skin are left untreated, it is very easy for new growth to become trapped under the skin layer. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain a regular exfoliation and hydration routine to ensure you feel confident in your newly smooth skin and to ensure the best results during and after your brazilian wax.

Never pluck or tweeze ingrown hairs

For those times that you do find yourself at war with the bumps on your skin, it is important to know that poking and prodding at them will not lend to a victory! The more irritation the skin incurs, the slower the healing process will be.

Trust me, we all know how tempting it can be to want to “pop” that ingrown hair, but it is critical to be proactive over reactive when it comes to tackling the ingrown hairs that like to take us by surprise. Remember, plucking and attempting to tweeze ingrown hairs will only cause trauma to the skin. Try exfoliating and using an ingrown hair serum instead.

Tried and true methods of preventing ingrown hairs

Okay, so we know why the bumps appear, and we know what not to do to deal with them, but what can we do to get rid of them when they do appear? The good news is that there are a few tried and true methods to prevent and remedy ingrown hair.

Go to a professional esthetician for waxing services

Going to a professional esthetician is a great way to ensure that a botched wax doesn't lead to hundreds of little ingrown hairs. Sure, at home waxing and DIY waxing kits may be the talk of the town or advertised as an easy, less expensive solution to hair removal. But the truth is that waxing truly takes skill, training, and experience to accomplish correctly time after time.

Exfoliate before and after your session

Even if you do go to a professional, it is critical to exfoliate a day prior to your session to reduce any likelihood of ingrown hairs. Exfoliating on a regular basis ensures that ingrown hairs will not rear their bumpy heads on your smooth skin. If they do manage to show up, exfoliate with either a physical scrub exfoliant or a chemical exfoliant if they're extra pesky. That paired with hydration both internally and externally are the most effective and safest  ways to get rid of an active breakout.

Activities to avoid and prevent skin irritation after waxing

After your session, it is important to avoid tight fitting clothing and clothes that do not allow your skin to breathe – especially directly after a bikini or brazilian wax. In fact, avoid everything that could make you sweat or cause friction for at least 24 hours after your session. Yes, this does include intimate time with your partner!

Keep waxed skin moisturized as part of a skincare routine

Lastly, as mentioned before, keeping a regular skin routine will assist in mitigating any bumps. As long as the skin remains moisturized, the likelihood of dead skin building up and preventing the hair from growing as it should will be reduced significantly. If your skin is happy, so are you!

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