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How to Make Your Waxing Appointment Less Painful

How to Make Your Waxing Appointment Less Painful

Do you love how you look and how confident you feel after getting waxed, but dislike the feeling of being waxed? We get it! Waxing can be a little uncomfortable – especially for first time clients, or those with sensitive skin. 

If you’ve watched one too many “funny” waxing videos online and are concerned about your threshold for pain, fear not. We’ve got you covered! Here is our cheat sheet to help you make sure your waxing experience is smooth and as comfortable as can be.

Ways to prepare for your appointment and make waxing less painful

Believe it or not, there ARE ways to make waxing a more comfortable experience. Between taking a mild pain reliever to adjusting what you intake prior to your session, we’re going to help you navigate everything to help ease the experience.

Try an over the counter pain killer to keep the waxed area calm

Seems pretty straightforward, right? Taking something as simple as an ibuprofen can not only help take the sting away from your waxing session, but also aid in reducing any potential inflammation. Since ibuprofen is an NSAID (Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory drug) not only does it aid in reducing pain, but allows blood to circulate to the waxed area easily, aiding in the reduction of any possible swelling or irritation.

Skip the party and keep an eye on your bodies pre-waxing needs

We all have our habits, but keeping a watchful eye out and avoiding certain things can make a world of difference when it comes to your pain tolerance. While having a fun night on the town may seem like great fun before an appointment, here’s why popping bottles may cause your waxing session to be a little bit more painful than normal:

Leave the coffee and alcohol behind for about 24 hours 

While coffee and vodka don't have much in common, neither of these beverages help you with your waxing situation. Did you know that both caffeine and alcohol can make your waxing experience more painful? The reason is simple: both beverages are stimulants which can cause your skin to be a little more sensitive than normal, regardless of what activity you’re partaking in. 

Due to the likelihood of increased sensitivity, here at Stripped Wax & Beauty, we strongly suggest that you avoid any alcohol or caffeinated beverages for at least 24 hours prior to your waxing session if you’re trying to keep discomfort minimal.

Keep your body as hydrated as possible prior to waxing

Drink some water, and when you’re done with that, drink a little bit more water and then, while you're at it, apply your favorite moisturizer (like our favorite, FUR Oil) to the bikini area. Why? Because keeping your skin hydrated before your waxing appointment is around the corner is a great way to minimize any pain or discomfort. 

hydrate for waxing

Additionally, dry skin can affect the quality of your waxing session. When the skin and hair are dry, the hair is more likely to break instead of sliding out smoothly.  Having a regular skincare regimen is the best way to make sure that you have a flawless wax everytime.

Get plenty of rest the night before your waxing appointment

If you want to look good and feel good: get that beauty sleep! While being well rested may not have a direct impact on your pain tolerance, feeling happy as a result of getting enough sleep can have an effect on how your body interprets pain.

Check out the studio website for additional tips

Stripped Wax & Beauty is your go-to spot for all things waxing. Our website is full of important information, as well as insightful blogs. If you’re ever interested in the world of waxing, feel free to dive in!

With extra information under your belt, you’ll know exactly what to plan for

Knowing what to expect, proper etiquette, and how to properly care for your wax following your waxing session means that you’re ready to dive head first into the experience. With immediate access to so many valuable resources, it’s easy for you to take charge and impress your waxing technician with your preparedness.

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