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Pro Tips For Using Brow Gel and Maintaining Healthy Brows

Pro Tips For Using Brow Gel and Maintaining Healthy Brows

Dedicating time to ourselves is a radical act, especially in the time of “grinding” to make ends meet. From oil changes to therapeutic getaways, performing maintenance is an essential part of being human. And giving your eyebrows the same level of maintenance with brow gel can yield similarly effective results.

Here’s the thing: you can learn how to do just about anything through a YouTube tutorial. But understanding the nuance from a licensed professional’s experience is something that cannot be replicated.

The most essential steps on how to use brow gel

Let’s say you’re diving into a whole new era of makeup and skin care. When people get started, there are a few things that typically stand out to them. First, and the crippling realization that they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. And the next step is to sit down, be humble, and kick up your feet to take in the complexities of step 1.

Getting your foundation and base right

The Eiffel tower wasn’t built on a shaky platform. And just like the strength of that foundation, your brows need the same foresight and intention to stand strong. When you’re applying concealer and foundation, be mindful of the areas that your brow gel will be touching.

If you build an unshakeable canvas for your brows to thrive on, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised with zero need for touch up later– even on the hottest day of the year.

How do you groom your eyebrows prior to using brow gel

Prior to using your brow gel on your eyebrows, you can groom your eyebrows during your typical face cleansing routine, and when you’re done patting your face dry, grab your spoolie and get to work. 

Backcomb your brows with your spoolie against the grain. This will help build up a little bit of volume, giving your brows that fluffy, full look. Setting your brows up with a spoolie gives you the perfect texture to slowly drag hints of color through.

Brow gel application and applying final touches

Even though your brow gel applicator might remind you of a mascara wand, it’s important to do the opposite to your brows that you would do to your lashes. In other words, drag off and scrape any excess gel on the applicator section of the wand. Then you’ll slowly and lightly, in small, flicking motions, begin to brush your brows in place back to their natural hair growth pattern.

How to use natural brow gel when your brows are tinted or laminated

If you’re a brow guru, you’ve probably had your brows tinted or laminated. You can collaborate with your esthetician to discuss the ins and outs of maintaining your eyebrows with either of those treatments. A regular brow gel that’s clear may be your best bet for both treatments, especially for laminated brows.

Check-in with your esthetician about your brow regimen 

You can learn a lot by talking openly with your esthetician. There’s no better place to get your information than directly from the source. Talk with your esthetician about the skin care products you use, what your overall regimen normally looks like, and how to incorporate a brow gel that will help maximize the volume and definition of your brows.

Opt for a brow gel that is tint and laminate friendly

Opt for a brow gel or tint that is laminate friendly. This might look like finding a brow gel that is non-oil based. There are also other ingredients that can keep the brows looking fabulous for your specific skin type. Since these styles have different textures and molecules, find and use a gel that is friendly for both styles.

How do you ensure you don’t overdo it with brow gel?

Doing your eyebrows is a rite of passage. Gone are the days of the over-plucked, scary-looking sixth-grade brows. And making note that less is more is the perfect foundation to leap from. Less is more, so start off small, like you’re cooking something for the first time and dialing in your spice ratio. You can always add a little more, but taking it away is tough.

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