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Hybrid Brow Tint: Extra-Long Lasting Brow Perfection

Hybrid Brow Tint: Extra-Long Lasting Brow Perfection

What if you had the chance to slice the time you spend getting ready in half and add some extra hours to your life?

No matter what the order of operations looks like, there’s more than enough to accomplish when you’re working on getting out the door. Whether you’re heading to your best friend’s rehearsal dinner or a job interview, the last thing you want to worry about is getting your brows to do the thing where they sort of (kind of) match.

What is a hybrid brow tint?

The esthetics and permanent makeup industry is forever changing, especially when it comes to brow products and brow trends. With new treatments on the rise as technology evolves, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest trend. The hybrid brow tint is a long-lasting, innovative gel dye, comparable to henna in longevity. Its high pigmentation offers sparse brows a natural (or dramatic) look, depending on what you’re going for. 

The long-lasting benefits of a hybrid brow tint

The hybrid brow tint is brimming with long-lasting benefits that will have you coming back for more after that first session.

Hybrid brows offer similar benefits as henna brows, but are incredibly gentle on your brows and skin. The tint we use at Stripped Wax & Beauty lasts up to 5 days on your skin, and up to 6 weeks on hairs. Based on your skin type, hair type, and what your aftercare looks like, these results vary a bit.

What skin types work best with a hybrid brow tint?

How often do you hear about cosmetic procedures that don’t work well with your skin type? You won’t have to worry about that conversation, as the hybrid brow accommodates all. The micro-pigmentation of the hybrid brow tint creates a structured and filled-in look that is retained on all skin types, from oily to combination and dry. 

Comparing hybrid brow tints vs regular tinted brow

So what’s the difference between the hybrid brow tint and the regular tinted brow? It might not sound like they’re that much different, but we’ll let you decide. 

The regular tinted brow is classic. It was one of the first brow treatments of its kind, offering a fill long enough to take care of the outer hair follicle, and since it doesn’t penetrate all the way down, it is quicker to fade. The hybrid tint penetrates the entire follicle, creating a longer-lasting result.

What to expect from a hybrid brow tint appointment

You may have had your brows waxed, tweezed, or laminated before, but a hybrid brow tint appointment is a little different than what you may be used to.

How to prepare for your session

In order to prepare for your brow shape-up and tint appointment, make sure to arrive with clean eyebrows and remove any excess pencil or powder residue. You’ll work with your brow artist to map the brows to get an idea of how you'd like your brows to be shaped.

A Shape Up + Tint at Stripped Wax & Beauty

When you arrive at your appointment, you’ll be greeted by your brow artist and guided back to our brow bar area. Your brow artist will go over a color match and shade that fits your brows and face – and with their help, you can visualize the exact look you’re going for. This service includes everything we typically provide in our brow shaping, as well as the long-lasting, potent brow tint.

Hybrid brow tint aftercare tips to get the best results

After your treatment, you will need to be mindful of exposure to hot heat, steam, and water. Your brow tint won't be fully set yet, so you put your results at risk if you choose to hop in the hot tub. Before you leave your appointment, check in with your brow artist and make sure you have their recommended aftercare products and tips handy!

Book your next brow appointment with Stripped Wax & Beauty

If you’re ready to ditch the extra time it takes to the line and fill those brows, we are right there with you. The set-and-forget convenience of a hybrid brow treatment is unparalleled. 

This is the choose-your-own-adventure experience you’ve always dreamed of. Give yourself the gift of time and connect with us to set up your consultation. You can reach us via our website to book your appointment. We cannot wait to meet you!