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Enhance Your Natural Beauty with a Lash Lift!

Enhance Your Natural Beauty with a Lash Lift!

Want to know the secret to getting lashes that stand out and pop? There’s no secret – we can help you get exactly that at Stripped Wax & Beauty. A lash lift is a simple treatment that naturally enhances and curls your lashes for weeks at a time, with minimal upkeep!

What is a lash lift?

To sum up, a lash lift is kinda like a perm for your eyelashes! In short, the treatment lifts and curls the natural eyelashes through a process that gently soften the hair and open up the follicle using specially formulated solutions. Once dry, the hairs are gently brushed upwards to give you a fuller, lengthier look. A tint can be added to give a darker, mascara-like completed look.

What are the benefits of getting a lash lift?

A keratin lash lift accomplishes a more natural look of extensions without the upkeep. Getting extensions can cause long lasting strain to your eyelashes and the surrounding areas, while getting a lash lift is a bit simpler and requires much less effort to maintain. In addition, the overall cost of a lash lift is less as your luscious lashes last longer than the average extensions do. Less stress, less upkeep, and less money? Sounds like a no brainer!   

How long do lash lift results last?

lash lift and tintThe length of time your lashes last all depends on you, your lashes, lifestyle and habits, and aftercare. Generally, lash lifts normally last around six weeks before returning to their natural state.

Lash lift vs lash extensions

While the goal of both lash lifts and lash extensions is to provide longer, fuller looking lashes, they both vary greatly. Lash extensions apply false extensions to each individual lash allowing you to customize the length and fullness of the lashes accentuating your eyes. Lifts, on the other hand, have no additives outside of a gentle solution to assist in lifting and reshaping your natural lashes. While extensions are far more customizable, they require more upkeep and last for a shorter period of time.

The process of getting a lash lift

Now that you have an idea of what a lash lift is, let us walk you through what to expect when coming to a lift appointment here at Stripped Wax & Beauty

Preparing for a lash lift

Preparing for a lash lift is simple and intuitive - as long as you make sure to check off these boxes, you’ll be all set! First and foremost, make sure all eye makeup is removed prior to your appointment. Working with a clean slate ensures the best possible outcome for your lift. Similarly, it is recommended that you avoid both waterproof mascara and using an eyelash curler for at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If this isn't possible, or maybe you just made a last minute appointment, don't stress about it! Finally, make sure that all contacts are removed and that there are no active eye infections or issues prior to your appointment. 

How your lash lift appointment will go

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a professional and taken into the studio. Once you’re settled in, the lash technician will gently clean and wipe down your eye area, including your lashes. Once the area has been cleaned, your lashes will be applied to a clean silicone rod and  set with a gentle solution. Both of the two solutions are set for several minutes and are then removed.  When this has been completed your lashes are coated in a moisturizing agent and then easily removed from the silicone shaping device. Voila! Your eyelash lift is complete!

Can anyone not get a lash lift?

Lash lifts are safe for almost everyone!  If you have any questions or concerns about how a lash lift will affect you, please reach out to any of our lash professionals prior to your appointment. With that being said, if you have pink eye or any other eye infections, it may not be feasible to treat your lashes until the issue has been resolved. 

Lash lift aftercare tips for best results

Now that you have your new luscious lashes, let's talk about how to take care of them. Firstly, it is critical to avoid any water on your eyelashes within the first 24/48 hours. Yes, this means steams and saunas too. Wetting or rubbing your lashes could result in damage to your new perm. In addition, makeup and makeup products and oils can also damage your treatment, so try to also avoid those for 48 hours. This includes makeup remover as well. 

Book your lash lift at Stripped Wax & Beauty

If you’re excited to experience a lash lift, we hope to share that excitement with you here at Stripped Wax & Beauty. Let us help you achieve the envious lashes of your dreams! We’re available to answer any questions you may have before booking any of our services, and can’t wait to see you!