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Crazy Easy Ways to Style Your Brows to Perfection

Crazy Easy Ways to Style Your Brows to Perfection

We’ve got the brow tea and we’re spilling it, so if you’re setting up that tripod to make that perfectly timed reel – pause it. You need these brow tips before you take another step toward that light ring. And once we’ve got you set up with the nitty gritty, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get your brows lookin’ great.

Eyebrow upkeep

There are endless ways to style your brows with a range of techniques that are accessible and approachable for brows of all shapes and sizes. If you’re new to brow upkeep, we’ve got you covered. If you keep up with basic maintenance, you just might find yourself drooling over your own reflection.

Tweezing is the worst thing for your brows

Let’s be clear: tweezing is canceled.

Outside of shaving, tweezing is one of the absolute worst things you could possibly do to your eyebrows – and not all of the brow area growth returns. Sometimes, you may end up ripping out a hair follicle completely, leaving you with the patchy, cursed brows of the early 2000s.

Find the right products for you

The perfect brows are the ones that feel natural and easy to achieve, and the best thing you can do for your brows is create a regimen that takes care of your skin all in one. So if you’re a person who loves the idea of brow tinting or microblading as opposed to using an eyebrow gel and pencil daily, this is the perfect in between.

And if you’re seeking some support in building a regimen, you can talk to your esthetician about the different approaches and strategies they would recommend.

Book consistent eyebrow waxing appointments

Booking consistent eyebrow waxing appointments is like booking your haircuts out for the year. You’ll know exactly when they’re coming, and you commit because the truth is that maintenance helps support your goals. Your brow’s hair growth pattern, strength, and more are all affected by how consistent you are with your waxing appointments.

Tips for product application

You can find a tutorial for anything in 2022, and even so, product application can be tricky if you’re not accustomed to it. The talent behind beautiful brow filling isn’t born overnight, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not totally capable of applying products to your brows and making them look fabulous.

Apply product in tiny flick-like motions

Our eyebrows are so unique that not a single set of them is identical. When you’re filling in and lining your brows, you want to be sure to use tiny, flick-like motions. You want to almost create a feathered, natural hair growth pattern. 

Those hair-like strokes will help define areas that are lacking color depth, and, when applied appropriately, can even take the shape of your natural hair growth pattern.

Create a subtle, believable arch

The arch is the crown jewel of your brows. It follows the natural shape of your upper eye area and has a softness about it. Arches that are a bit too pointy can be obvious, causing the eyebrow to lose its natural shape. A subtle arch is a good arch, and when in doubt – remember that less is more.

Give some natural shape to your eyebrows

Your face is perfect. Its features were designed to complement one another. But as we age, our faces and brows change. Hair thins, becomes patchy, and the natural shape of your eyebrows may end up lost. Giving a natural shape to your eyebrows is an opportunity to enhance your natural beauty and create more definition around what’s already there.perfect eyebrows

Blend in harsh lines

Let’s be real, if we were true artists, we wouldn’t need our day jobs. Blending in harsh lines is a must-do after filling in your brows. You can take a spoolie to brush your eyebrow hair and smooth out bold lines.

Apply from the center outward

Starting in the center of your brow, move your brush or micro-pencil outward with a gentle, flicking motion, along your natural hair growth. Doing this allows you to create a believable outlook, and eliminates the chance of a harsh beginning or end line.

Mix two tones together

There are so many brow colors that aren’t represented through even the newest cosmetic products. A blend of two complementary tones helps achieve a natural look, and gives you depth and range where your brow falls short. Literally.

Blend, blend, blend!

When you think you’ve reached the end, it’s time to blend, blend, blend! An unnatural or overdone brow might be tough to notice until you’re out and about. Remember to use that spoolie and drag out any harsh lines to create a softer look.

Achieve your perfect eyebrows with Stripped Wax & Beauty!

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