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Tips for Choosing the Best Waxing Studio

Tips for Choosing the Best Waxing Studio

As your largest organ, your skin works relentlessly to protect your internal organs and keep your body regulated, healthy and thriving. 

When the time comes, getting waxed is a choice you make to remove any and all unwanted hair to reveal a more confident, radiant, and smooth you! Whether you have sensitive skin or are building a new skincare routine, waxing services from high-quality estheticians are within your reach.

Why is it important to choose a reputable waxing studio?

Choosing a reputable waxing studio doesn't have to be a challenge. In your field, you’re an expert at what you do. And whether you’ve got a master's degree or ten years of work experience behind you, the trust you’ve built in your knowledge of your craft is bulletproof – you know you’ve poured your heart and soul to master it. 

That’s exactly what we have done at Stripped Wax & Beauty. We have dedicated ourselves to all things waxing. If you could get a masters in the art of hair removal, we would have it proudly hanging on the wall. Until then, we will be admiring our professional licensing and our multiple continued education certifications.

Professional care and knowledge of safety

As artisans of any craft, people know the true nature of their own work inside and out. Your experience has gifted you with the necessary means to become the best at what you do. 

And the same goes for licensed estheticians. A licensed esthetician is no ordinary wax specialist. After 500+ hours of training, passing practical examinations, and other requirements to acquire their licensure, estheticians have excellent experience in how to treat your skin with care, keeping your safety a top priority.

Receive the best possible service for your skin

Waxing services are all-encompassing. They address everything from ingrown hairs to hyperpigmentation and all of the details in between. To get the best possible outcome for your skin type, it’s important that your esthetician knows everything they can about your skin. And from there, being clear about your needs will only help you.

Things to look for in a waxing studio

From their mission statement to their atmosphere, there’s so much to consider when choosing a waxing studio that aligns with your needs. Connecting with a wax studio that has your best interest in mind is easier than you think.

In fact, vetting wax studios begins with looking at reviews, their website, and their core values. If their reviews and their work appear to be substantial, are their values, mission, and even policies, aligned with yours? Keep in mind, these services tend to be very personal. You want to select a waxing studio that will allow you to feel comfortable and safe during the process.

A welcoming, aesthetically pleasing space

There’s something magical about the way a space can transform your mood. Whether it’s natural lighting or soft, modern architecture that does it for you– walking into the studio space should be an exciting experience. 

All of your receptors are taking in every inch of the room. And if you notice that you feel particularly at ease within the confines of those walls, there’s a good chance that you’re in a welcoming, aesthetically pleasing space. We know just how important welcoming spaces are in making our experiences something worth remembering.

Hygienic, sanitary conditions

Licensed estheticians are well-versed in creating a sterile, accessible environment that feels comfortable and sanitary. Hygiene and sterilization are two enormous parts of a successful visit to any waxing studio. Blood borne pathogens and their handling requires training and efficacy.

You can rest easy knowing that your licensed esthetician who has received bloodborne pathogen and barbicide training is equipped to prevent infection, and provide a safe environment for you. On the other hand, if you notice an esthetician ever double dipping their wax stick: cut it short, and never go back! Ever!

Read reviews from previous clients

One of the best things about the internet is that you can find everything you need to know with just a few clicks. If you’re curious about a particular waxing studio, head on over to its website and check out the reviews. Testimonials are often some of the best data you can receive about the studio you were thinking of connecting with.

Proper esthetician licenses in their offered services

Esthetician licenses can be specialty licenses, depending on what niche the esthetician decides to dive into. So if you connect to a new wax studio with a plan to sit for a wax session it’s important to make sure that your specialist has the proper credentials and educational background to perform the services desired.

The best waxing in Phoenix, AZ at Stripped Wax & Beauty

You might be brand new to your waxing journey, or maybe you’ve been waxing for 30 years and you’re ready for a new studio. No matter the scenario, Stripped Wax & Beauty is here for it. Consider booking a consultation or service on our website. We’re so looking forward to helping you connect with the health, vitality, and glow of your skin!