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Waxing vs Shaving: For Skin Health, Results, and More!

Waxing vs Shaving: For Skin Health, Results, and More!

Okay, tell us you’re totally over shaving….without telling us you’re totally over shaving.

If you just recalled a memory of walking back to your beach towel after a dip in the salty water post-shave, we know your pain! Hair removal doesn’t have to be an absolute nightmare. And with a bit of guidance from your favorite local waxing studio, you might find yourself falling in love with a new take on your hair removal process.

Why is waxing more popular than shaving?

We strive to make our lives easier each and every day, partially because we deserve it, and partially because optimizing our schedules gives us more free time. At Stripped, we combine practicality and comfort to give you the best waxing experience possible.

Your body is subject to a smaller chance of cuts, burns, and irritation

Have you ever been in a hurry and cut your leg open while slip-sliding around the shower to get ready for a date? You know the agony of having to shave in a pinch, and it’s hardly worth the headache. Waxing eliminates stress on your body in the form of cuts, burns, and irritation. While the area that’s been freshly waxed may show a little redness immediately following your appointment, it quickly subsides and leaves long-lasting, smooth skin! 

Does your body hair eventually stop growing? 

Eventually, with multiple, consistent waxing appointments, your body hair may begin to change. You might notice your body hair becoming finer and more sparse. This all depends on your willingness to keep up a consistent regimen and give your skin a little extra love throughout your day-to-day moisturizing in between appointments.

Waxing is more convenient and effective than shaving 

If we’re being honest (and we are), waxing isn’t about checking off a box. It’s a more convenient, effective way to rid your body of unwanted hair without compromising. For as little time as it takes to shave once, you’ll be hair-free for a couple weeks!

The benefits of waxing vs. shaving

It’s hard to measure the pros and cons of waxing vs. shaving for many reasons, but mostly because everyone’s body is so vastly different. The truth is that it boils down to which method of hair removal is easiest and most convenient for you.

You get a light exfoliation session built into the process!
Exfoliating is an absolute must-do part of taking better care of your skin. The good news is when you get waxed, the entire area is stripped of dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria. This creates a healthier space for your new skin cells to grow and replenish themselves. You’ll notice that your skin looks a bit brighter and healthier following your waxing session!

Your body hair is pulled straight from the root, giving you more time between sessions

There’s nothing worse than looking down at your legs less than 48 hours after shaving and noticing your hair growing back in with a vengeance. Waxing pulls your hair directly from the root, giving you far more time between hair removal sessions. Especially if you’re somebody who has to shave every 48 hours!

Waxing helps maintain smooth, silky skin free of ingrown hairs

waxing vs shaving

Waxing is the original one-stop shop, and instead of cutting off the top of the hair as shaving does, it runs deep. The root depth it reaches is part of what helps contribute to a silky, smooth surface, free of ingrown hairs, built-up bacteria, and other annoyances.

Frequently asked questions about waxing vs. shaving

There are bound to be some lingering questions you haven’t discussed with your esthetician, especially if you’re about to head into your first appointment. Here are a few that might pop up on your drive to or from the waxing studio.

Is waxing painful? How often should you book a session?

Waxing can definitely cause discomfort, but it doesn't mean it has to be painful. In fact, many people report that over time it causes less and less discomfort. Scheduling treatments for about every 4 to 6 weeks is perfect for most people (depending on their hair growth cycle).

What should you do prior to your wax appointment?

Prior to your wax appointment, consider taking a warm bath or shower to give your body a chance to knock some ingrown hairs loose. Make sure that your hair has grown out to at least a quarter inch and exfoliate up to 24 hours prior to your appointment, but no later. Skip the coffee and alcohol at brunch and wear something super cozy to relax and give your skin the chance to breathe.

How can you go about aftercare to ensure your skin has what it needs?

Waxing aftercare is simple. Skip the sunny days for about 24 to 48 hours after your appointment. Skip the gym, hot tubs, and all things friction related. You can apply a cold compress or take a cold shower to reduce any stress on your skin that comes in the form of irritation or sensitivity. After those 48 hours, exfoliate two to three times a week, and moisturize daily!

Stripped Wax & Beauty is here for all of your waxing needs!

Your body is brilliant. And your skin works so hard to protect that body, so a little investment in nurturing this velvety blanket that surrounds us goes a long way. Connect with Stripped Wax & Beauty to set up your first waxing appointment. We are so looking forward to helping you achieve your skincare goals!